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24. 3. 2007
Revenge In Japanese

Remember the girl
Abused with forks, knives, and razorblades
She finally left him
She had enough of her man's rage
Bandaids cover her scars she left him bloodied
Beat his ass with a bat
Face sunk in like silly putty
Y'all can sit back so I could study
Destruction of the family design
And how the morals of society decline
Essentially is beats to rhymes like grapes to wine

It's alright
We're in love
Can't live with
Or without

See she can't live with him
And can't live without him
Stress got her down she need to deal with her problems
While the drama gets deeper
I puff on the reefer
She took the last step and sent his ass to hte reaper
Chaos is what she saw in the mirror
Scared of herself and the power that was in her
It took over
And weighed heavily on her shoulders
Militant insanity is now what controlled her

It's alright
We're in love
Can't live with
Or without

We’re in love

Kill it before it reaches you
Missiles won't work its approaching the mainland
What if it reaches the metroplolitan areas
Cosmopolitan areas
Secure the lines and prepare for departure
Calm, calm, calm,
It is big business
And seems to be
Advancing underground
Because my style is underground
I'm green
With my red eyes mad tint
Flea flea flea
Rapido, rapido
She feed plentiful
Electrifying the nation

Don't you see that we are in danger
How will we stop it
She is attacking
Don't you see that we are in danger
How will we stop it
She is attacking danger
Running out of time

My Bad Side

I want to let you in on a story
That I got to tell
About good dreams in heaven not
Bad dreams in hell
Started with punk rock
And then evolved to hip-hop
The party popped off
Like the fireworks on my block
Alonzo is the street that I take dweel
A little white trash
And a little bit swell
I take you back
And take a step down
July was the month
Is was born eight pounds

My bad side

My sign is leo defraud the hoax with a ruby
King of the jungle yet I try to be humble
But I shout to let y'all know what I'm about
Attack your brain fast drop knowledge
The I'm out I'm a freak but I got some class
I'll bring the fuckin' ruckus
And you can bring the grass
Have a session
Good times is the lesson
The men will cease fire and
The girls could stop stressin

My bad side

Come on baby doll please jerk me off
perverted state of mind
baby help me get my nut off
come on girly
don't know the art of a quickly
my balls hang low
and they produce something icky
from my dick to your skin
hands rub it in
i know you love lotion baby
that's how i begin sexual fiending
in my dreams she was screamin' down on her knees
and she's eatin on my semen
i've got this problem i don't
want to say but to tell you the truth everybody
i be doin' it everyday
you may think i'm stupid
you may think i'm queer
but to tell you the truth everybody i think
jerking off is better that beer


As I look at the picture
Of Jacoby smokin broccoli
Props to refer props to
Bible prophecies
It's clearly evident

relationship is permanent
Burn the fuckin picture
So my mind could be the evidence
I've made my choice
There's no looking back
Life long commitment to my second half
Hard times, good times
2 ways to go
I've got my problems
God only knows

I came faster than a blink of an eye
Fire rain independence, 4th of July

Give in
Give in into tradition
One thing I'd like to say is
Fuck superstition
My independence day
Is wiped from my face
My I gave it away
Maybe I've got my secret hidding place

I love you
I married you


I could hear myself clear
From the living room
Ruptured pain to fear
Family's dying soon

Look in my eye what do you see
Lover y amigo tambien enemy

Because the best thing in life
Is for me to sing these word
All I leave the show
is chrome microphone turds
I take fat hits
I take fat shits
I cap on the girl
Who's giving out $10 thigh splits
Yo all I want is respect
In this game
Cause the Papa Roach style is wild
And not plain
Know what I'm saying
Put us through your speakers
Cause I know that we are bangin
Positivity and negativity
We sayin that you
Can't have the yin
Without the yang
Confidence and style
Mix it up with some slang
And make it grimy
Just like my little nigga stimey
Step up
Was up
I came to make friends to the end
And back again
And show your stacks again
Because sometimes I'm X-rated
Sometimes I'm G-rated
Sometimes I bugde crowds
Act wild
And get faded

Wheather its Monday
Or Tuesday
Thursday or Friday
I'm getting down everyday
Because its my way
To express the onion hardcore slang
A boogedy bang bang
Boogedy bang bang sha bang
You know what I'm saying
Put us through ya' speakers
Cause I know that we are bangin'

Look in my eyes
What do you see
Lover y amigo
Tambien enemy
The good and the bad
Le bien a le mal
Chaos forever
Natural law

Thrown Away

I kill the rhyme again
I'm coming sick and on time again
Words manifest from deep inside where people hide within
It chemical unbalanced on the triple beam
Fuck what you heard it's about what I seen
I seen it happen back hand brand to face smackin
Definite disorder now his mindset is blackened
The doctors say he's got the brain of a murderer
This rugged style steals yo brain like a burglar

My heart is bleeding and this pain will not pass
It's not receding and my body going numb
A bad trip child rolling stoned keeping high
He don't know what he's doing he just keep getting by

Go away
I want to be thrown away
Born sick
Nothing in his hands but his dick
He couldn't handle pressure
Couldn't handle shit
For the life he was leading
Led him down the wrong path
Where guns blast
Don't give a shit about the gods wrath
Don't want to talk to the counselor DR.
To tell'em what real
Tell'em whats proper
The situations unclear like grey
And i know it gets worse everyday

I am a mess
I've made a huge mess
I can't control myself
I'm losing it i've lost it
I've split all my marbles
Eat a bowl of fuck
Cause i see you inside of me
Sometimes i want to be thrown away
A hyper spaz and
That is we sometimes
I want to be thrown away
Voices in my head
Don't tell me to do it
Cause i will no